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  • Name: Mark Houseman
  • Age: 61
  • Gender: Male
  • Location: Medina NY US
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My Occupation

Historical Fiction writer Works include two historical fiction novels "1757" and "1863"

Works in progress "History of the 38th Georgia Volunteers"
and a historical fiction - "1776"

Owner and Cheif adminsitrator of the American Civil War Message Board

My Hobbies

Civil War Reenacting - Command the 38th Regt. Georgia Volunteers and also serve as Left wing commander and Chief of Staff for the Southern Cross Battalion. Member of Longstreet's Corps - A re-enacting organization

French & Indian War Reenacting , Revolutionary War Reenacting
Native American Crafts
Hunting, Fishing and Camping
Cabinet and Furniture Making
Reading and writing
Composing music and poetry
Playing musical instruments - Guitar, Banjo, Piano, Drums, Dulcimers and Indian flute
Retired Building trades worker